Sci-Fi Hallway - Routine Fan Remake.

This is a project I completed late 2015 and decided to revisit with some updated props and textures and some new production methods., It's a piece I'm proud of and it took me to great success in finding work.

I love the combinations of styled used for the upcoming game 'Routine'. The style mixture of 80's and sci-fi really intrigues me and I'm a big fan of both styles.

I was so inspired by a concept done by the games lead artist Arron Foster that I'm attempting to recreate a scene using the pbr workflow. I know its a little bit different from whats in the game trailer released, but I wanted to make my own version I guess and stay true to the concept. I hope to finish with a render inside unreal 4.

Of course I welcome all C&C. Thanks guys.

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Security Door.

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Scene/Asset Breakdown.

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